Be Like Mike (2019) – plaster
That is a Tasty Burger (cheeseburgers) (2019) – series of thermochromic screen print on dibond
Buy the World a Coke (2019) – aluminium can


Untitled (BLack Mirror) (2018) – single-channel video
'athletes around the world, we all have a crazy dream?
but, what are you gonna do to accomplish your crazy dream?
you see, not all of us have eyes to see
not all of us have feet to walk
not all of us have hands to hold
but I know all of us have a heart of gold
so, what are you gonna do to accomplish your crazy dream?
what are you gonna do?
'cause I know what I'm gonna do
I'm gonna do it
so Just Do It'

                                – Demarjay Smith, NIKE 'Just Do It' campaign, June 2018


                                – Shia LaBeouf

NIKEiD (2018) – single-channel video
JUST Do It explores the ubiquitous nature of the worlds biggest Super-brand, NIKE, and how it's "aspirational" marketing transcends sports to encompass lifestyle choices and politics. From appropriation of street culture and branding of public space; celebrity endorsed products and campaigns; unethical labour and manufacturing practices to women's rights and LGBTQ+ advocates. Transforming protest into commodity.
JUST Do It (2018)

   DO IT (2018) – single-channel video

“a monstrous, infinitely plastic entity, capable of metabolising and absorbing anything with which it comes into contact.”

– Mark Fisher, Capitalist Realism

Not only is the witticism ‘we are we what we eat’ true; we eat what we think and we think what we smell, breathe, read, see and hear.

Consumerism is usually explained and justified as a economic order (an ideology) that ultimately benefits the consumer. It is closely related to ideas about freedom. The bombardment of neon signs, billboards and LED screens of the cities of capitalism are the immediate visible signs of 'The Free World'1. Publicity, marketing and branding, it is thought, offers a free choice to the discerning consumer.
You Are What You Eat (2016)
But, consumerism only makes one proposal.

It proposes to each of us that we can transform ourselves, our lives, by the acquisition of material goods.

We need to kick the habit of sedative consumption, of publicity in particular. As the waters of Venice are invaded by monstrous, mutant algae, so our screens are populated by capitalist realism – consumerism and subversive marketing in all its material plentitude.

1John Berger, Ways of Seeing

Untitled (They Live) (2016)

   The Thing (2016) – single-channel video

Buy the World a Coke (2012) - Coca-Cola bottle