2019 – plaster / builders plaster

I wake up every morning, jump in the shower, look down at the symbol, and that pumps me up for the day. It’s to remind me every day what I have to do, which is, “Just Do It.” – Twenty four year old Internet entrepreneur Carmine Collecttion on his decision to get a Nike swoosh tattooed on his navel, December 1997.

Nike is ubiquitous with basketball thanks to celebrity brand incarnate Michael Jordan. As the cool hunters continue to make inroads into the public domain through sponsorships of inner city basketball courts and school sports teams – swooshes and 'Just Do It.’ slogans are a common place; adorning billboards; trainers; clothes; basketball courts; buildings (and navels). The brand has transcended sport to encompass lifestyle choice(s), and should their advertising be believed are ardent advocates of Muslim women, LGBTQ+ rights and black lives.

Originally made out of builders plaster due to an uncanny resemblance to an actual basketball - the basketballs of Be Like Mike are too heavy to throw. "I guess you could call the hoop the aspirations Nike sells us, and the basketball (that would break if it were to be thrown) the reality. Or the hoop is Nike’s moral aspirations (LGBTQ+ advocates etc.) and the ball is sweatshops."